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Equity Release is a method of unlocking cash in the value of your home without the need to move.


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We at Essex Equity Release Advice will help you in unlocking cash that’s stuck in the value of your property!


Equity Release Advisors In Clacton on Sea

Our fully qualified team of equity release advisors in Clacton on Sea are available for consultation to discuss the range of equity plans we have available. With two equity types available to choose from, we can discuss all plans in detail and give you information regarding all businesses we work with to find the best equity plan.

We have several years of experience working in the industry, giving us a good understanding of the industry and all equity plans, allowing us to give you knowledgeable and unbiased advice. Unlike working directly with the providers, our team will talk you through a range of plans, finding the one specific to your situation which will only help your finances.

Qualified Equity Advisors

It is always important to seek qualified equity release advisors in Clacton on Sea when looking to unlock cash from your property. Equity gives all homeowners over the age of 55 a great opportunity to gain extra funds, whilst still retaining at least part ownership of their property. Our equity release advisors can always give guidance regarding the different equity release types and the number of plans that are available to choose from.

As we work with many businesses and partners, this allows us to give you unbiased advice, whilst still creating a fantastic portfolio of the plans you can choose from. All plans we have available offer a No Negative Equity Guarantee, ensuring you never owe more than the value of your home, preventing any debt from occurring and assisting, rather than hindering your finances.

Available Plans

There are two equity release types available when selecting your plan, which are:

  • Home Reversions
  • Lifetime Mortgages

Home reversions allow you to sell part of your home to the lender, meaning you lose some ownership of the property and when you choose to sell, you will receive money only for the value of the home you own. Lifetime mortgages mean that you borrow money from the lender, against the value of your property. When it comes to selling your home or moving out, this will then need to be repaid. Some of the plans we have available will allow you to move home without having to make immediate repayments.

Our team are sanctioned by the Equity Release Council to provide advice on all equity release plans. Being fully qualified advisors, we always want to help clients in Clacton on Sea select the right plan and we can organise a fast consultation to do this. Discussions can be made over the phone, by email, a home visit or meeting at one of our office or local suites. You will always be given a personal service, discussing the most beneficial plans for your needs.

Equity Plans In Clacton On Sea

Clacton on Sea is one of the largest towns in the county of Essex, boasting a population of over 56,000. We are happy to work throughout Clacton on Sea and the surrounding areas, ensuring all clients here receive the best possible equity plan, regardless of your current home value. Being located close along the A133, this an easily accessible location. It is also very popular due to attractions such as Clacton Pier, Clacton on Sea Beach and the Garden of Remembrance.

Essex Equity Release have always worked throughout the Clacton on Sea area since our establishment in 1995. This an area we love to work in and somewhere we have always looked to help clients with their equity plans. We aim to be the first choice equity release advisors in Clacton on Sea, building a great client base with the personal service we offer and the quality of equity plans available.

Who Are Essex Equity Release?

Essex Equity Release was established in 1995 and have built a fantastic reputation since then to provide all clients in Clacton on Sea and the surrounding areas with unbiased consultation for equity. We have also gained several accreditations and qualifications, as well as being members of the Equity Release Council, Independent Equity Release Advice Alliance (IERAA), Personal Finance Society (PFS) and Chartered Insurance Institute (CII).

Offering No Negative Equity guarantee, our equity plans give you the opportunity to gain funds and use this to finance anything you would like, whilst staying in your home as long as possible. We understand equity plans will differ for every individual’s circumstances and will always offer a service tailored directly to your needs.

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Book a consultation with our equity release advisors in Clacton on Sea and contact Essex Equity Release today. Consultations can be booked over email, telephone, or for visits to our office or your home, so do not hesitate to contact us. Make an enquiry and call 01268 799211 or fill in our contact form today.

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