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Equity Release is a method of unlocking cash in the value of your home without the need to move.


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We at Essex Equity Release Advice will help you in unlocking cash that’s stuck in the value of your property!


Equity Release Companies In Danbury

Essex Equity Release provide advice regarding all equity release plans and can advise you on all equity release companies in Danbury and which plan will be best for you. We work with a number of providers to give our clients a varied selection of equity plans. With our team being fully trained, you receive unbiased advice regarding every plan.

Our plans will either be home reversions or lifetime mortgages, both allowing you to stay in your home rent-free, as well as only having to make repayments when you move out of your house after passing away or moving into long term care. Whenever you require our advice, we can always organise a suitable time to discuss your requirements and begin the process of releasing equity.

Equity Release Companies

Finding the right equity release plan can be extremely difficult, especially if you are receiving biased advice from the company you are dealing with. We work with many equity release companies in Danbury to give you the best equity release options and make sure the plan you select matches all your expectations. All our plans have different criteria and should be selected based on every individual’s needs. This is something our team will always achieve for our clients.

Equity release is a safe option when dealing with the right equity release companies. All plans that we have available come with a no negative equity guarantee and you will also never have to make monthly repayments. Our no negative equity guarantee ensures that you never owe more than the value of your home. Whether you select a lifetime mortgage or home reversions, you never have to pay anything extra than the final sale of your house.

Lifetime mortgages allow you to take a loan out against the value of your home. This means you retain full ownership of the property but must repay the loan when your property is sold. Home reversions are a less popular option but can still offer a good plan for many homeowners. Home reversions allow you to stay in your property as long as necessary, however, you sell part of your home to a third party which is repaid when the property is sold.

Types of Plan

We can always discuss all types of equity plans in great detail and can provide a consultation whenever you require. We offer our advice in several ways, including:

  • Emails
  • Home Visits
  • Meeting at Local Interview Suites
  • Office Meeting
  • Phone Calls

We offer great communication with our clients, ensuring you have the support you need throughout the process of releasing equity as well as during the plan. When making your initial enquiry, we can arrange a fast appointment to walk you through the primary choices you have available, as well as arranging a second appointment. We can also discuss your individual circumstances and financial situation so that the best plan can be recommended by our team.

About Danbury

Danbury has a population of just over 6,000 and is a small village located in the county of Essex. With our team being based very close to Danbury, we are always happy to provide a fast response here and make sure all clients can depend on us for equity release advice. Our home visits are available throughout Danbury and whether you would like to organise another time for consultation or want immediate advice, our team can always help.

Whilst Danbury is a small town, we still want to be the first choice for all equity release advice. Whenever you are considering equity release companies in Danbury, our team can always help you find the right plan that meets your needs, giving you unbiased advice that you require to select the best equity release plan. Throughout Danbury and the local area, there are several attractions you can visit including Tarrywile Park & Mansion, Danbury Railway Museum and Bear Mountain Reservation.

Since our establishment, we have always worked throughout Danbury and are happy to work with all clients located here. As we have many equity plans for you, clients in Danbury can depend on us for a personal service.

Choose Essex Equity Release

Essex Equity Release have been providing equity release advice since 1999 and having been established in 1995, we have built a fantastic reputation and client base with our services. Essex Equity Release have dealt with many clients and have a great experience, no matter what circumstances you are in or what financial situation you have. We consider everything to make sure you receive the right plan.

Essex Equity Release are also members of several organisations, including:

  • CII
  • Later Life Academy
  • PFS

In addition to this, all plans we recommend are approved by the Equity Release Council, which assures you of our no negative equity guarantee and several other guarantees that come with our plan. With these memberships, we make sure our team adheres to all guidelines and ethos to deliver the highest standard of service and leave you fully satisfied.

Find Equity Release Companies In Danbury

If you would like to find equity release companies in Danbury or require advice regarding any equity plans, speak to Essex Equity Release today. We can give you any information you require and will provide a fast response, talking you through all equity plans and their criteria. To make an enquiry, call us on 01268 799211 or fill in our contact form today.

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