Equity Release Advice in Billericay

Essex Equity Release have been providing unbiased and quality advice throughout Billericay for over 17 years. Our equity release advisors have extensive knowledge of all aspects of equity release and are the Professionals you can rely on when you have queries or require Equity Release advice.

Equity release is a great way for you to earn money off your home if it is done effectively; our equity release advisors will talk you through the options of equity release until we find the most suitable choice for you which will be best for your individual requirements and current situation.

What Is Equity Release?

Equity release is a method of receiving cash for the value of your home, without having to move out. If you are located in the Billericay area, then there are two types of equity release we can offer, which are:

  • Lifetime Mortgage
  • Home Reversion

Lifetime mortgages allow you to take out a mortgage secured on your property, as long as that property is your main residence, whilst retaining the ownership. It means that you don’t usually have to make any repayments whilst you’re still alive, but eventually you have to pay off all the interest that ‘rolls up’ over time. This is the more common option when taking releasing equity but does not mean it is the right choice for you.

Home reversions are slightly different to lifetime mortgages. Home reversions allow you to sell a share of your property to a buyer, so that you are co-owners of the property. The cost can be harder to estimate as you get a sum of money based on its current value, but the ultimate cost is the property’s price at the end of the deal.

Why It Helps

When going through such important decisions, you need expert equity release advisors to talk you through the options. We are happy to help whatever your situation is and have the experience to find the best solutions for you for customers in the Billericay area.

We address every situation with clarity and our team keep everything simple to understand. Equity release has great benefits to help provide funds for you and your family, which can provide cash without having to sell your property.

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