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Equity Release is a method of unlocking cash in the value of your home without the need to move.


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Equity Release In Harlow

Equity release is a great way for anyone to receive cash for their property, without having to sell their home. Essex Equity Release can provide equity release advice in Harlow to all clients, ensuring you have a good understanding of the best option for you and what equity release is. We can provide advice whenever you require it.

This process is usually a good option for homeowners over the age of 55. Additionally, if you are struggling for money, equity should always be considered. We can talk you through the several schemes we have available, finding the best option for you and discussing the details.

Equity Release Schemes

There are two types of equity release plans that you can choose from, with a number of schemes available within each of these plans. The two types of plans that can be chosen are lifetime mortgages and home reversions. Lifetime mortgages mean you take a loan out against the value of your property whilst retaining ownership. Choosing this plan will avoid any repayments, with the loan only being repaid when you move out of the home or pass away.

This is slightly different from home reversions. This is where you again retain the right to live in your home. However, you sell part of the property to a company, so you no longer have full ownership. Both plans allow you to stay within your home. Although, lifetime mortgages can often be more popular as you retain the full ownership of the property until you move out. This is when the loan will be repaid as the property can be sold, so you have no worries over finances.

Availability and Benefits

We offer a wide range of equity release schemes in Harlow and also offer a No Negative Equity Guarantee. This ensures that if the value of your property is ever more than the amount owed in the loan, the lender cannot demand this. You will only ever have to repay the loan with the money from the property, so you will never be left with more debts after a sale of the property. We work with many companies to provide the best possible equity release schemes for our clients.

Furthermore, by having this guarantee, equity release is a safe process for our clients and a good option for all homeowners over the age of 55. If you are over 55, you will be eligible for all our equity release schemes and we will provide advice regarding every scheme. We want to find the best option for all our clients and by offering a personal service. You will find the best scheme for your needs to give you a long-term financial solution.

We understand everyone has different circumstances and will give you a comprehensive service to ensure the equity release scheme you choose meets all your requirements. The money from equity release can be used for a number of purposes and this will always be your choice.

Harlow & The Local Area

Harlow is a district located in the county of Essex. It has a population of over 86,000 people, making it one of the larger areas in the county and somewhere our team are always happy to work in. There are many properties in Harlow and we look to give the best advice to all clients regarding equity release, ensuring you always choose the best option. We are located a short distance from Harlow, and can always setup meetings here for any advice you require.

As a large area, Harlow is home to several landmarks and attractions which make it a popular area for both locals and visitors who are here. Some of the most famous points of interest located here include Harlow Playhouse Theatre, Harlow Town Park, Harlow Museum, The Gibberd Garden and Pardon Wood Nature Reserve. There are many more points of interest in Harlow and the surrounding areas, making it such a fantastic location to visit, live and work in.

Since being established in 1995, Essex Equity Release have always helped clients in Harlow regarding all equity release schemes. We aim to be the first choice whenever you look to release equity, providing a fast response to clients located here and ensuring all expectations are met.

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Essex Equity Release have over 23 years of experience in the industry and always aim to deliver the highest standard of service to our clients. With a number of equity release schemes available, we can always find the best option for our clients. Our schemes can always be trusted having a No Negative Equity Guarantee. In addition to these, we have several affiliations including the Equity Release Council, Independent Equity Release Advice Alliance, PFS and CII.

We are fully qualified in the industry and will always offer completely impartial advice to our clients, finding the best choice for your needs. Our equity release schemes always meet guidelines and will never pose a risk to you. We pride ourselves on our customer-focused business, attracting roughly 90% of new business from existing clients. Having built a fantastic reputation for our work in the industry, we aim to continue this and grow our client base in Harlow and the surrounding areas.

We offer competitive prices for our advice and the setup of all equity release plans. Our team should always be the first choice to ensure you have the best impartial advice in Harlow.

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If you would like to book equity release advice in Harlow and discuss the schemes that we have available, do not hesitate to contact our team. We are happy to talk you through the range of services we have available and find the best plan for your needs. Call us today on 01268 799211 or fill in our contact form to make an enquiry and get a fast response.

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