Equity Release

Equity Release is a method of unlocking cash in the value of your home without the need to move.


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Switching Equity Release Plans


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We at Essex Equity Release Advice will help you in unlocking cash that’s stuck in the value of your property!


Is Equity Release A Scam?

Whether you are concerned you won’t get value for money or you’ve heard stories of scams and rip-offs, we can always advise you regarding equity release. There are a number of different equity plans available, offering a high level of protection for customers.

Before advising our customers on which plan to select, we will make sure you are well informed about the risks and protections of equity and you understand all facts before going ahead with a plan. As we also try to find the best equity release plan for you, you can be assured of all equity protections being in place.

We only want people to go ahead with equity release if it is the right option for your financial situation. Whilst some providers may not give you the best value for money, this is never the case with our team. Equity release will be a positive solution for many homeowners to improve your quality of life.

Our advisors will also discuss all potential costs of the equity plan so you are prepared for every situation and your finances never become an issue.

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Why Use Equity Advice?

Equity isn’t the best option for everyone, which is why specialist equity advice is always important, ensuring you know what your future plan will be. Essex Equity Release work with a number of providers to give you a selection of plans to choose from.

As our team only offer advice, you are assured this is completely impartial and with guarantees such as no negative equity and the right to stay or move home, you will find a suitable plan. All plans we recommended are approved by the Equity Release Council, giving you the assurance of a good financial future for all homeowners.

We deliver a very personal and focused service.

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